Cet Law attends Blue Ocean Film Festival

Posted on Nov 13, 2016 in Cetacean Ecosystems and Habitats

Cet Law was privileged to attend Blue Ocean Film Festival in St. Petersburg, Florida this year as a guest of incredible filmmaker Alexandra Sorgenicht and her film Ocean Heroines.  Ocean Heroines profiles some of our great female marine scientists and explorers around the world, including Cet Law’s Board Member Nan Hauser and Her Deepness, Sylvia Earle.


Sylvia Earle of Mission Blue and Natalie Barefoot of Cet Law.

What an experience to immerse yourself in the underwater world through film for four days and to meet some of the great creative thinkers in the industry. It was humbling to see the incredible films being made to help us understand more about our Blue Planet, celebrate it and understand the pressures that human activity are creating on our ocean ecosystems. There are many innovations happening in the world of nature filming including with virtual reality and critter cams, which Cet Law saw and experienced first hand. These forward movements will allow everyone everywhere to access the beauty of nature, animals and the ocean in the future.


Whale Warriors Dr. Ingrid Visser, Michael Fishbach and Natalie Barefoot.

At the festival, Cet Law was able to connect with some whale warriors including Dr. Ingrid Visser of Orca Research Trust and Free Morgan Foundation; Matt Speigl of Free Morgan Foundation, and Michael Fishbach of Great Whale Conservancy.