Educating on Cetacean and Ocean Issues

Cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) are one of the few categories of mammals that spend the totality of their life in the oceans, providing a unique glimpse of the practical effects human activities are having on the oceans. They also have commercial value to humans, hunted commercially and forming the basis of terrestrial tourism facilities and boat-based whale-watching tourism industries. , and as contributors to marine eco-systems.  Because of this and being charismatic megafauna, cetaceans form the subject matter of cases and provide insight to the practical effects of both domestic and international laws on the ocean and its biodiversity.

Cet Law has developed courses for law students, Continuing Legal Education credit and is available to give presentations on various topics tailored to your audience. In the past we have presented for lawyers, law students, undergraduate students, whale-watching guides in training, and office staff. Feel free to reach out to Cet Law to develop a course or presentation for your organization, students or office!  Contact us at (Enable Javascript to see the email address)